See Livorno by Local Bus!

Stroll%20along%20the%20relaxing%20seafront%20in%20Livorno.JPGIT'S EASIER THAN YOU THINK!
The cheapest way to get around Livorno -check out bus routes LAM ROSSA and LAM BLU

There is no easier or cheaper way to explore Livorno than by using the local CTT bus service. There are 15 different bus routes covering the whole of the city and the surrounding districts, and for just €3 (the cost of  a one-day Livorno Card (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE 17.8.18) you can get unlimited local bus travel for a whole day, hopping on and off any bus whenever and wherever you please (plus free entrance to the Fattori art gallery and other discounts). Alternatively, just buy a €1.50 single ticket per journey (valid for 70 minutes from when you validate it on the bus) if you are only going to take one or two buses.
Nearly all Livorno’s orange CTT buses go through the central Piazza Grande, one of the city’s main squares (just 100m from the cruise ship shuttle bus stop). Following a recent refurbishment of the Piazza, the bus stops are located along adjacent Via Grande and no longer in the square itself.

The LAM BLU (LB) and the LAM ROSSA (LR) services are particularly useful since they cover some of Livorno’s most interesting and noteworthy areas. Click on these links for full route information and maps:

Get around Livorno with a Livorno Card