Severe weather causes damage in the Old English Cemetery

6th February 2012

4th Feb 2012, Fallen branches in the Old English Cemetery, Livorno4th Feb 2012, Fallen branches in the Old English Cemetery, Livorno The wind and snow storm that struck Livorno last Tuesday night, 1st February 2012,  caused notable damage at the Old English Cemetery where many large tree branches broke and fell onto graves. At the moment it is still difficult to verify overall damage because of the layer of snow covering the cemetery, but at least two graves have suffered damaged, including one of the most precious 17th-century tombs.

The sad fact is that this latest disaster could easily have been avoided if the work to remove dangerous branches - already identified as a priority by the Association Livorno delle Nazioni about a month ago - had been carried out according to the urgency it required. It is yet another example of  sloppy organisation and a lack of understanding of the huge importance of this site, the oldest of its kind in Italy.

Already in December 2011, a tree of considerable dimensions fell across the cemetery, irreparably smashing one of the horizontal tombs.

For further information, see the Facebook page, Livorno delle Nazioni cultural association, and the Save Livorno's Old English Cemetery group.

See also the Association's website.