Sinfonico Honolulu

Sinfonico Honolulu Sinfonico Honolulu Sinfonico Honolulu - Italy's best known ukulele orchestra made up of 7 ukuleles, a bass and 8 voices - with Steve Sperguenzie as their powerful lead. They are all talented musicians who together have created a highly polished, original and entertaining sound. Their repertoire sweeps through Brit and American rock, including songs by the Rolling Stones, George Michael, The Cure, Beach Boys, Supergrass and Lou Reed.


Sinfonico Honolulu are:

Steve Sperguenzie - vocals, percussion
Giorgio Mannucci - ukulele, vocals
Luca Carotenuto - ukulele, vocals
Daniele Catalucci - bass, backing vocals
Giovanni Guarneri - ukulele, backing vocals
Gianluca Milanese - ukulele, backing vocals
Filippo Cevenini - ukulele
Francesco Damiani - ukulele


Absolutely Live (2011)
Maledetto Colui Che è Solo (with Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi) (2013)
Il Sorpasso (2015)



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