Springtime Choir and Cristiano Grasso

Springtime Choir, an inspiring performance at the Fortezza Vecchia, LivornoSpringtime Choir, an inspiring performance at the Fortezza Vecchia, Livorno The Coro Springtime was founded in 1998 by Cristiano Grasso. The choir is made up of about fifty singers between the ages of 15 and 45. Their varied and original repertoire ranges from Gospel and Spiritual to Swing and Musicals and over the years the group has earned itself a reputation as a professional and entertaining choir, performing at important events in Livorno, such as Effetto Venezia, as well as numerous charity events.

Springtime's performances are enlivened by clever choreography and a wide range of styles and rhythms. Their leader, Cristiano Grasso, is enthusiastic and inspired, never lacking in new ideas. They are accompanied by pianist Massimiliano Fantolini.
Their latest tour is about to take them away from Livorno to Brussels for a concert on 8th December 2007.
Springtime are based at the Menicagli Centro Pianoforti Music School.