Livorno Railway Station in the Stazione district Livorno Railway Station in the Stazione district The French involuntarily gave rise to the birth of the Stazione district of Livorno when they dominated the area in the early 1800s. They laid out the wide tree-lined avenue that now leads to the railway station, in order to welcome Napoleon. Unfortunately he never actually arrived, too busy in other more important matters on his return from Russia. Originally known as Viale Libertà, the avenue was later called degli Acquedotti, dei Condotti, Emilio Zola and finally Viale Giosuè Carducci as it is known today.

On one side of this avenue, near the Cisternone, the Parterre public park grew up, and in 1904 the Corallo thermal baths (by architect Badaloni) were built (now undergoing restoration). In 1911 the railway station of Livorno was built and housing was erected for railway workers in the area between Viale Carducci and the district of Colline