Summer may be over, but this is bliss!

Glorious October skies Glorious October skies 12th October 2007. There I was just a couple of weeks ago announcing the end of the summer as the private beaches in Livorno closed down, making it sound as if we were about to slide suddenly into gloomy winter weather. It is true that the following week we had weather reminiscent of a British November,  but since then the situation has changed dramatically and conditions, I believe, are perfect! Alright, so the temperature has dropped and the early mornings and evenings are even rather chilly, but the weather we are getting during the day is absolutely glorious:  cloudless blue skies, warm sunshine with just a slight breeze, and a maximum temperature of a very comfortable 23-24°C. This is my kind of season, a time when I can rush about without dripping with sweat,  sit in the sunshine without gasping for shade, and feel smug about living on the Mediterranean in Livorno, while those in more northerly locations have already reached for their winter woollies.
Umbrellas are not selling too well at the moment Umbrellas are not selling too well at the moment Having a garden, I should really be complaining about the lack of rain, and I know deep down that we could do with a downpour, but it’s looking as though umbrellas won’t be needed for a little while yet.  And since I have no control over that, I am just going to continue to enjoy the beautiful autumn colours and the lovely clear air while they last.