Suvereto Suvereto

                      Suvereto is a delightful medieval town in the Province of Livorno, about 85km south of Livorno. It is the chief town in the municipality of the same name which also includes the villages of San Lorenzo, Montioni, Prata and Belvedere. The municipality lies in the Val di Cornia, an area rich in natural, cultural and historical heritage.

The name Suvereto comes from the many cork trees in the surrounding woodland.

The town boasts several buildings of great architectural interest, including the 13th-century Palazzo Comunale, the remains of a castle - the Rocca Aldobrandesca - dating from the 10th century, the Church of San Giusto Vescovo (9th-12th century), and the Cloister of San Francesco (12th century). 

Palazzo Comunale, Suvereto Palazzo Comunale, Suvereto Suvereto comes to life on summer evenings when it is popular for eating out and an evening stroll. It is also very busy during its well-known Sagra di Suvereto, an amazing blend of culture, entertainment, food and wine at the end of November/beginning of December each year.

The surroundings offer a wealth of olive oil and wine producers, and agriturismo accommodation.