Venezia Rowing Team

The Venezia colours The Venezia colours

Already in the 1700s ‘Feste d’Acqua’ (‘water festivals’), an early form of today’s rowing races, were held on Livorno's fossi, where the water was much cleaner than it is today.  During the races, the rowers had to carry out various tests of ability, such as climbing a pole.

The Venezia Rowing Team Boat The Venezia Rowing Team Boat The Sezione Nautica Venezia rowing club was founded in Livorno on 28 September 1924, although up to the war there were actually three separate districts competing independently in the competitions – San Giovanni, Avvalorati and Venezia. Today these have come together to form just the one historic Venezia district.

The Venezia rowing club last won the 10-man Palio Marinaro in 2003 and 2004

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