The Walrus

The Walrus The Walrus The Walrus  is an indie-pop band from Livorno formed in 2005 by schoolfriends Giorgio Mannucci, Francesco Pellegrini, Alessio Carnemolla and Dario Solazzi. Their name comes from the title of the Beatles' song "I am the Walrus".

In 2007 the band was joined by Marta Bardi, who gave the group the feminine touch they had been looking for for some time.

In 2008, The Walrus won the first prize at the Lucca Summer Festival Contest, whose jury included representatives from Warner and Universal records, as well as musicians and artistic producers.

In November 2008, the band produced their debut album, Never Leave Behind Feeling Always Like a Child, which received critical acclaim from the main Italian music publications. It was produced by Garrincha Dischi and recorded in Bologna by Lorenzo Ori (sound engineer to many well-known Italian musicians such as Roy Paci, Meg, and Massimo Volume) at the La Fabbrica di Plastica and Loz Studios. Following the success of the album, The Walrus played more than 60 gigs throughout Italy. In 2009 they played at the Italia Wave Festival on the 'Psycho stage'.

In January 2012 the band's second album was released. Entitled Hanno Ucciso un Robot, all 11 tracks are in Italian. Produced by Garrincha Dischi, it was recorded by Lorenzo Or at the Loz Studio, Bologna. 

Genre: indie pop

Giorgio Mannucci
(vocals, guitar)
Francesco Pellegrini (guitar)
Marta Bardi (vocals, keyboards)
Dario Solazzi (bass)
Alessio Carnemolla (drums)

Never Leave Behind Always Feeling Like a Child (Garrincha Dischi, 2008)

Hanno Ucciso un Robot (Garrincha Dischi, 2012)