Well Done to Livorno's Town Council for their new Anti-Dog-Mess Campaign

Poster by Caluri inviting Dog Owners to Clear Up Poster by Caluri inviting Dog Owners to Clear Up The Comune di Livorno, the local Town Council, has just launched a welcome campaign to deal with the problem of dogs' excrement on our pavements, a problem we can no longer put up with.

The campaign involves positioning 50 distributors of plastic bags around the city so that dog owners caught unawares can use them to dispose of the offending malodorous 'cacca'. Fines of between 25 and 150 euros will also be imposed on any offenders caught in the act.

There is also a poster, designed by local cartoonist Daniele Caluri, appealing to dog owners to do the right thing. This will be seen all over the city.

The campaign will be taken into Livorno's primary schools as well, so that our youngest citizens are properly educated in this delicate issue.

In the UK the Poop Scoop was introduced about 20 years ago to cope with a similar problem. I once met the MP who invented it! It seemed to work.

I hope that here in Livorno the Comune's efforts will be worthwhile and that we, and visitors to Livorno, will be able to enjoy cleaner pavements in the near future.

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