Who is Mark Doidge?

Mark DoidgeMark Doidge Mark Doidge started writing weekly articles about AS Livorno's matches after I advertised for a volunteer a few months ago. He is a student at Exeter University in England, studying for a post-graduate degree in Italian Football, with a case study on AS Livorno. I asked him about his choice:  "I chose Livorno for a couple of reasons. I have read a lot about the left-wing nature of the city and its fans. As a result I thought this would make an interesting case study - I want to investigate the construction of social identity in football fans, and this identity is particulary strong in Livorno.

Also, I live by the sea and my football team in England is Plymouth. Plymouth is a city like Livorno, it's a port city, not fashionable, and was bombed heavily in the war that has left some nice old parts, but large areas are post-war developments. Added to this, I love Tuscany (there is no better place in Italy) and I really want to learn the language fluently."

Mark will be in Livorno from February 2009 and is interested in talking to Amaranto fans. If you would like to talk to Mark, please contact me at Livorno Now.