Yeshiva Marini Jewish Museum, Livorno, Italy

Established in 1992, the Jewish museum of Livorno is situated in the Marini Oratory in Via Micali. It contains a permanent exhibition about the Jewish School of Livorno in 1938, as well as antique furnishings from the old 17th-century synagogue (destroyed during World War II) which used to be the most important synagogue in the Mediterranean area. The exhibits include a noteworthy wooden oriental-style hekhàl, liturgical objects from various countries, works of embroidery and coral items.

Museo ebraico Yeshivà Marini
Via Micali 21, Livorno
Tel. +39 0586 893361
Mobile +39 3392997687

Visits from September to June, first Sunday in the month 3pm-5pm (advanced booking required - contact Amaranta Service).

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